# Ethics

# Could Sentry’s data really be used in war crimes tribunals?

Hala does not employ international humanitarian law experts so cannot speak with authority on whether the data can be used for specific legal purposes. Nor is Hala’s primary mission to support such mechanisms.

# Is Hala neutral?

Hala is a technology company seeking to reduce harm to civilians in conflict spaces and protect things that matter. We are not on anyone’s side except that of civilians in harm’s way - regardless of the origin of that harm.

# Do you take money from Western governments?

Hala has received funding from Canada, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Denmark the United States, and Germany.

# If you claim to be neutral, do you also warn civilians about US Coalition airstrikes? Israeli airstrikes?

Hala’s warnings system does not distinguish between threats to civilians. If we have the capability to detect and predict a source of indiscriminate violence, the system will act.

# What if one of your warnings helps a bad person avoid harm?

Hala believes strongly that civilians have the right to protect themselves against violence. For the same reason surgeons don’t judge the moral character of their patients, we believe it’s imperative that we first seek to help those in need. Perhaps an apt comparison would be whether we expect seat belts to not prevent the death of evil people.

# Why are you a for-profit?

We believe that the choice to do well or do good is a false one. We are a for-profit social enterprise, which means we care about a double bottom-line. First, we aim to support our mission of helping the nearly 2 billion people who live in countries profoundly affected by conflict and violence. Second, we aim to build a sustainable business so that we can better pursue our first aim.

# Have you received opportunities to use your system for less legit purposes?

Not yet. We started this company to specifically try to reduce suffering and protect civilians and civilian assets around the world. Our belief is that there is tremendous humanitarian, political, and economic benefit to preventing civilian casualties in conflict zones.