# Technology

# How does the technology work?

Sentry is an early warning system that uses a network of sensors to provide civilians with a real-time warning of impending airstrikes. What makes this different from other warning systems is that Sentry uses artificial intelligence, remote sensing, and the internet of things to instantaneously validate information from multiple sources, helping community members to detect, identify, model, and predict threats. Sentry is a tool that saves lives by gathering critical data from areas where it is scarce: war zones, disaster areas, and wilderness, providing an independent and immutable record of events.

# Is this the first time that these kind of early warning systems have been used or piloted?

It’s worth noting similar systems were employed in the UK (Royal Observer Corps) during World Wars I and II, but with far less technological sophistication. Civilian observers have been working independently since the very outset of the Syrian Civil War. Hala has worked to make such a system more robust, dependable, and available using technology tools.

# Isn’t this a military capability, or even signals intelligence?

The hardware components used in this systems are all readily and commercially available. Sentry uses that simple technology and combines it with the same type of machine learning that powers apps like Shazam or prevents your inbox from being overwhelmed by spam. But rather than saving your inbox, this technology saves civilian lives.